Downtown Terminal5:55AM6:45AM7:20AM2:15PM2:50PM3:25PM
Lansdowne @ Memorial Center6:00AM6:50AM7:25AM2:20PM2:55PM3:30PM
Neal @ Bensfort6:05AM6:55AM7:30AM2:25PM3:00PM3:35PM
O'Brien @ Technology6:12AM7:02AM7:37AM2:32PM3:07PM3:42PM
Lansdowne @ Ashburnham6:18AM7:08AM7:43AM2:38PM3:13PM3:48PM
Lansdowne @ Maude6:20AM7:10AM7:45AM2:40PM3:15PM3:50PM
Downtown Terminal6:30AM7:20AM7:55AM2:50PM3:25PM4:00PM
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